In my sewing room………


My sewing room is a very busy place as I’m busy stitching away at new projects for 2017.  I wonder what these lovely hexies will become?

All will be revealed at the Christmas Party on December 2nd!

Please join us for a fun filled evening.  Make sure you bring some show and Tell along for us all to admire.

See you there!!!

NGV Quilt Exhibition


A few weeks ago I was lucky to revisit the amazing Making the Australian Quilt Exhibition at the NGV.  I am in total awe of the work that our ancestors produced under less than ideal conditions.  One of my favourite quilts was the Prudence quilt pictured.  Of course the Rajah quilt is my number 1!  When I walked into the Exhibition I felt a real connection with the women (and a couple of men!) who had made these quilts.  It sent shivers down my spine!  This weekend is the last time we can see this Exhibition, if you haven’t visited yet try and get there.