Special quilt making journey!

During the journey of making my version of the beautiful Sundial Coverlet I learnt many more things than how to make a quilt!  It was a journey filled with emotion and wonder,  did the unknown maker of the original quilt enjoy the mathematical challenge of all the little pieces?  What was her original vision for this quilt or did it just grow with time?  Where did she find the time in her busy days to piece all these little pieces?  Did she work on her quilt by candle light at night?  So many questions filled my head as I imagined her life.  I had the advantage of computers, calculators, sewing machine, not to mention LED  lights.  But I did share the eternal problem of time!  My journey was shared with friends who also made their version of the original quilt.  Was hers a shared journey or a solitary one?  The fabrics I chose to use are all Reproductions to mirror those in the original quilt.  It is a very scrappy quilt but that doesn’t mean that each fabric wasn’t carefully chosen for each block!  Unfortunately our journey had to finish when the last stitch was sewn.

If you would like to make your very own version of the Sundial Coverlet the pattern is now available as a Pattern of the Month, along with starter fabric packs to help get you started.  Interested?  Contact us at the shop and we will be only too happy to help you start your journey.