Star Gazing Tuesday

Our Churn Dash Tuesday is now finished and the next program – Star Gazing Tuesday will start next Tuesday July 4th.  Head over to our Facebook page for more details.

To coincide with this we are launching a new Facebook group – Magic Patch Sewing Room.  This group is a place to post photos of any item you have made that is from Magic Patch Quilting or a Carol Lewis Design.  It will be a focal point for our online community to share their work.

This group will also host programs such as Star Gazing Tuesday – big plans so stay tuned!

In the meantime I have had fun chosing my fabrics for my Star Gazing quilt.  All are currently available in the shop, a couple have just arrived!

A few backgrounds.

And some lovely blues and reds.  Can’t wait to see this quilt finished.

What will you choose for your quilt?

Til next time