New Block of the Month in planning

Planning is underway for a new Block of the Month.  I have found a newly released book that will make a great quilt.  It has lots of lovely blocks for us to piece!  The finished result is pretty spectacular as well.

With the design taken care of my thoughts turn to fabric.  This quilt needs to be very scrappy with one fabric to pull it all together.  it would be a great idea to be able to use it as a fabric club – use pieces of all new fabrics that come into the shop.  But I need some to make a sample!  So to the shelves and off come a selection to be included as well!

some beautiful reds

stunning blacks

and gorgeous blues.

Now I had better get on with making some blocks.  Hopefully this weekend will see that happen!

The Block of the Month is planned to start at the end of the year, but no further information is available at the moment.  as they say “watch this space”!!!!!

Til next time – happy stitching